Lockhart Precision Canadian Punisher Metal Art
2020-07-10 16:28
Art for WarriorsThe Canadian Punisher Specifications: Made In Canada Made of Strong Steel Available in Raw Warrior Look or Coated Dimensons: 15
Lockhart Tactical Vancouver Island Cutout Metal Art
2020-08-03 14:14
Art for CollectorsWether you're proud to live on beautiful Vancouver Island or are one of its tens of millions of fans, this metal cutout captures a l

From beautiful road signs, elaborate decorative fence panels, interior wall art and exterior art we can turn your dream into a show piece to enjoy for a lifetime!

We craft each our art pieces in Stainless Steel, Mild Steel or Aluminum. Each material can also be powder coated in many different colors for added effect.

Most of our artwork is drawn by hand, plasma cut and then finish ground by hand ensuring each piece is unique and special. We craft each piece right here on Vancouver Island in our shop located in Lake Cowichan.


Precision Cut Metal Art Gallery - Just A Few Examples!

  • LP-VI
  • Bear
  • James Swan - Whale Eagle
  • Mother Bear with Cubs
  • Wolf-Face
  • Cat-Name
  • wolf
  • Punisher-Sizes
  • Eagle-Art
  • Bear-Art
  • horse plasma art
  • horses plasma art
  • fish plasma art
  • molon labe plasma art
  • local show 3
  • plasma tree art
  • Plasma-Numbers
  • show 2
  • steampunk art
  • ar15 plama art
  • custm island trim
  • custom plasma art wild
  • custom steel plasma art
  • custom steampunk art
  • duncan's most well known mushroom
  • plasma art cutouts
  • Lockhart brothers engraving
  • local show 4
  • local show 2
  • local show 1
  • Plasma-Art-Eagle-Iso
  • Plasma-Art-Eagle
  • Plasma-Art-Eagle-Side
  • show 3
  • seahawks plasma art
  • punisher plasma art
  • show 4
  • tree art plasma
  • ar15 plama art 2
  • custom airstream embem
  • come take it plasma art
  • batman plasma art
  • Custom License plate holder
  • Custom Aluminum truck door
  • custom steel accents in wood panel
  • custom stainless steel pantry slider
  • custom steel accents in wood panel 1
  • custom plasma art
  • Aluminum-Mushroom-Rain-Guard
  • Fish-Art
  • punisher-firepit
  • molon-labe-firepit
  • Custom-CNC-Tree
  • CNC-Plasma-Salmon-3
  • Custom Steel CNC Cut Fire Pit Ring
  • Custom Steel CNC Cut Horse Theme Fire Pit Ring
  • Bold Signings at Wilden Lofts