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Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC)
3 Axis 3D CNC Milling @ 100/hr
4 Axis 3D CNC Milling @ 130/hr
5 Axis 3D CNC Milling @ 150/hr
2D CNC Plasma Cutting  @

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Our state of the art HAAS CNC machining centers are ready to handle simple to complex parts with speed, precision and accuracy.


Through Coolant: Yes

Tool Capacity: 51
No. Axis: 5
Travel X: 64"
Travel Y: 32"
Travel Z: 30"
Spindle RPM: 15K


Through Coolant: Yes

Tool Capacity: 31
No. Axis: 4
Travel X: 30"
Travel Y: 16"
Travel Z: 20"
Spindle RPM: 12K

spindlecoolantThrough-Spindle Coolant
Our Haas Through-Spindle Coolant system provides up to 1000 psi (69 bar) of coolant to the cutting tool, allowing for heavier cuts, higher feedrates, deep-hole drilling, and better surface finishes. With Through-Spindle Coolant, we can really reduce your cycle times and produce higher-quality parts.

What this means for you:

  • Allows deep-hole drilling without pecking to reduce cycle times - saving you money
  • Reduces material work hardening and increases tool life
  • Produces better surface finishes by clearing chips

spindleprobeProbing Systems
With the help of our highly advanced Wireless Intuitive Probing System (WIPS), we are able to set up your job up to 5 times faster. WIPS allows us to quickly and easily define work offset coordinates, set tool length offsets, and perform in-process inspection, for both part inspection and tool breakage detection.

What this means for you:

  • 5x Faster tool loading - saving you money
  • 5x Faster part setting - saving you money
  • Automated part inspection capabilties - ensure your parts are deadly accurate


4 and 5  Axis Machining
The fastest way to increase the productivity of a milling center is to add a 4th or 5th axis rotary. The fully integrated rotary table indexers allows for complex multi-sided machining, yielding increased productivity and reduced setups.

What this means for you:
  • Reduces setups - saving you money
  • Reduces part handling - saving you money
  • Reduces overall machining time per part - saving you money
  • Increases accuracy - improving quality

Contact us via email at [email protected] or by phone (250) 715-7290


Custom Machined Parts

A few of our capabilities include but are not limited to:
- Gun Racks

- Rifle Cases
- Topless Glass Hand Railings
- Wrought Iron Fences and Rails
- Stainless Steel Cable Railings
- Plasma Cutting and Design
- Custom Built CNC Plasma Tables
- Custom Built CNC Router Tables
- Custom CNC Machines made to order
- Aluminum Roof Racks
- Aluminum and Stainless Steel Welding and Fabrication
- Marine Fuel Tanks
- Fishing Boats and Equipment Refitting
- Aluminum Fishing Rod Holders
- Aluminum Radar Arches
- Automatic Gate Systems
- Steel Shooting Targets
- Custom Aluminum Welding Truck Rig Boxes and Decks
and more!

Precision CNC Machining and Fabrication Gallery - Just A Few Examples!

  • cnc milling
  • custom fishing weight mold 2
  • custom fishing weight mold
  • Prop
  • Aluminum-Magazine-Base
  • Prop-Apart
  • Props
  • Custom Steel Boat Ramp Walk Way
  • Custom Sailboat Fuel Tank
  • Custom Truck Rack
  • Custom Utility Trailer
  • Custom Steel Free Floating Patio
  • Custom Commercial CNC Plasma Cutter
  • Custom Steel CNC Cut Fire Pit Ring
  • Custom Steel Industrial Modern Staircase
  • Ball+Screw+Drives
  • Machine+Heads
  • Machine+Detail
  • Sapphire+Belljar+Furnace
  • Sapphine+Machine+Frame
  • Custom Stainless Stel Handrail - Front
  • Custom-CNC-Tree
  • CNC-Plasma-Salmon-3
  • Roof-Stairs-Railings-1
  • Custom Hydro Pole Electrical Backets
  • Custom-Aluminum-Fuel-Tank-3
  • Custom-Powder-Coat-Over
  • Custom-CNC-Plasma-Machine-4
  • Custom-CNC-Plasma-Machine-5
  • Custom-CNC-Plasma-Machine-6
  • Custom-CNC-Plasma-Machine-3
  • Custom-CNC-Plasma-Machine-2
  • Custom-CNC-Plasma-Machine-1
  • Custom-CNC-Plasma-Machine-9
  • Custom-CNC-Plasma-Machine-4
  • Custom-CNC-Plasma-Machine-1
  • Custom-CNC-Plasma-Machine-2
  • Custom-CNC-Plasma-Machine-3
  • Custom-CNC-Plasma-Machine
  • Custom-CNC-Plasma-Machine-6.5
  • Custom-Jeep-Roof-Rack-2
  • Custom-Jeep-Roof-Rack-1
  • CNC-Fish-bones
  • CNC-Extensions
  • CNC-fish-bone
  • CNC-mag-bases
  • CNC-pistol-mag-base
  • CNC-pic-rails
  • CNC-activation-triggers
  • CNC-pistol-grip-2
  • CNC-pistol-grip-1
  • CNC-pistol-slide
  • CNC-underbarrel-shotgun
  • thumbnail 20181124 154536
  • thumbnail 20181231 150758
  • thumbnail 20181231 150729
  • CNC-Rings
  • CNC-UBS12
  • CNC-picatinny-rail-bottom
  • CNC-picatinny-rail-top