Utility Trailers: Most home owners use smaller utility trailers to move a few sheets of plywood, take yard trimmings or a load to the dump. Going on a family camping or fishing trip? Carry all your gear in the trailer and save room in your vehicle for a more comfortable trip. No matter what your task is, picking the right trailer is important. Most people know what size they want and the approximate weight capacity and that’s about it.

If you’re having trouble deciding which trailer is best suited to handle for your needs, we’ve got you covered. At Lockart Precision we can help you choose the right options to ensure your new trailer will fit your lifestyle perfectly for decades to come.

Lightweight yet durable aluminum for smooth towing or heavy duty steel trailers built to take a pounding in the harshest work enviroments, we'll build them tailored to your exact requirements.

Want removeable sides or fold down sides?
Hydraulic dumping boxes or a hydraulic ramp?
Single axle? Double axle?
Aluminum? Steel?
Open? Enclosed?

Vehicle Roof Racks, Modifications and Custom Accessories
From specialty 4x4 off road vehicles to daily drivers, we're fully equipped and standing by to upgrade your ride the way you need it!

Aluminum and Steel Roof Racks,
Roll Cages,
Bumpers and Bush Guards,
Hydraulic Dumping Boxes and lifts,
Custom Aluminum Race Seats

If you can dream it, we can build it.

Aluminum and Steel Trailers Gallery - Just A Few Examples!

  • Rack Top Detail
  • Chipper Truck Completed
  • Rack close up weld
  • Custom-Roof-Rack
  • Custom Hydraulic Chipper Truck Box
  • Aluminun Utitlity Box
  • Custom-Truck-Boxes
  • Custom License plate holder
  • Custom-Roof-rack-bumper-Tent
  • Custom-Roof-Rack
  • custom steel bumper
  • Custom truck bed iso
  • Custom welder cage
  • Glass-Rack-3
  • Custom-Alum-truck-bed
  • Custom-Alum-Tuck-Bed
  • Glass-Rack-2
  • Glass-Rack-4
  • Glass-Rack-5
  • 5x12-alum
  • 5x12-alum-3
  • 5x12-alum-1
  • Hoisting Mechanism
  • Rear View Chipper Truck
  • Ready for Graphics
  • Test the Dumping Mechanism
  • Custom-Hydraulic+Chipper+Truck
  • trailer-3-min
  • trailer-1-min
  • trailer-2-min
  • horse-trailer-2-min
  • horse-trailer-3-min
  • horse-trailer-1-min
  • custom alum boat railer
  • alum trailer custom 2
  • Custom Utility Trailer
  • glass truck rack 1
  • trailer-2-min
  • trailer-3-min
  • trailer-1-min