Lockhart Tactical Vancouver Island Cutout Metal Art

Brand: Lockhart Precision Metal ArtLockhart Precision Metal Art


SALE PRICE: $105.54 each

Art for Collectors
Wether you're proud to live on beautiful Vancouver Island or are one of its tens of millions of fans, this metal cutout captures a large amount of detail.

Our artwork is the perfect addition to your home, office or yard and makes for an increbile gift to be loved for years to come.

This artwork is drawn by hand, plasma cut and then finish ground by hand ensuring each piece is unique and special. We craft each piece right here on Vancouver Island in our shop located in Lake Cowichan.

We also offer customizations such as your street address imbedded in the artwork as an optional add on.


  • Made In Canada
  • Made of Metal
  • Available in Raw Metal or Powdercoated in Color (Add'l .Chrg.)
  • 5 Sizes Available!
    (2ft) 24" Tall x 7" Wide
    (3ft) 36" Tall x 10" Wide
    (4ft) 48" Tall x 14" Wide
    (5ft) 60" Tall x 18" Wide
    (6ft) 72" Tall x 21" Wide